May Update 

For a month I didn’t have much planned for, I am pretty tired at the moment. How come? Ah. In a word: Testing.

Warning, I am breaking my “don’t talk about work” rule: We have entered the season of testing at work: Field testing, MAPs testing, online testing, Regents testing… Each mean days that on the surface should be easy, its just paperwork and watching students after-all. But, no. These are the days of stressed children suck every bit of energy out leaving the team of us drained at the end of the day. Shhhh, I actually love being this busy.

_20180514_183948This means I haven’t made quite as many millinery pieces as planned. But… good news…. there are Bonnets! I started with Galaxy, my block that makes 1840s bonnets and a lower brim bonnet. I love this wood block. (The plaster blocks are so much more fragile.)

Don’t worry, I have gotten out and spent some time in this beautiful weather. We went to the George Eastman House last weekend. They have this nifty thing going on now where vignettes of different movies are arranged throughout the house.

Many to most of them are table settings bringing together the theme of each movie. One item in the Arsenic and Old Lace display caught my attention. Check out this sheer cap:

Mom and I spent Sunday evening on the Canandaigua Lady for their Murder Mystery Cruise. I enjoyed the Mystery Company’s performance. (I wasn’t so thrilled with the dining dynamics.) It was very nice to see the sunset from the lake. I did talk on Millinery in Context for the 140thVI, a local reenacting group, during their spring civilian seminar. The presentation focused on what women wore on their heads in the most commonly interpreted situations through a focus of visual evidence. I wonder if anyone has any photos of that.


Um, well I haven’t made a speck of progress on my stripe dress. I haven’t had a bit of inspiration enough to get going on the bodice. So, it is currently a skirt with a gap in the hem tape.

I have a set of hat/bonnet stands that will be made next. The paint color is yet to be decided. I have a golden yellow that nearly matches the chairs I picked up. I also have a peach that could look quite nice. Both on clearance. Obviously, two very different directions.

I’ve been dressing three new dolls while working on the new little book project.



Coming up later in May and in June…

  • I will be at GCVM for their 1812 event demonstrating sewing straw.
  • I have lots of millinery on my list to catch up on. I also need to get some display pieces made.
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  1. I am looking forward to seeing you at GCVM for the 1812 event!

  2. I am glad to hear you will be there.
    Sadly, I missed last year with my little distraction.

  3. I missed last year, too. Something about relocating….

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