This weekend’s Hats

I have two hats to offer this weekend. 

This first hat follows the Mousquetaire style, with an added dip to the brim. I happened to be working on this hat when a sweet suprise arrived including a photo of a high tapered crown hat with a dip in the front brim. I decided this hat needed to have that great look. This hat has a 4″ tall tapered crown that is 21.5″ around. The narrow shaped brim is 11.5″ wide, while only being 10.5″ front to back. 

The second hat has a minimal crown meant to barely cup the head. This hat is meant to play host to a beautiful feather plumes or spray of flowers. The crown is 19″ around for an average to small head, while rising 2″. The brim is 11.5″ wide and 11″ front to back with a slightly deeper front brim curing down fashionably. 

Both hats are being added to my Etsy shop now. 

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