Low Crown Hat

This cute hat has a shallow crown and a shaped brim dipping in the front. I was inspired by a pretty painting that came up on Facebook, The Doll, by Henry Nelson O’Neil. The hat in the painting has a brim the come out further in the front, dipping in the front. It is finished with a narrow black ribbon around the base of the crown and a black feather plumes. 

This hat has a very shallow crown, rising just an inch on the side. It will sit very high on the head. I recommend ribbon ties inside as well as a lining or ribbon. It is 20.75″ inside, making it suitable for an average size head. Because of how shallow it is, someone with a larger head may find it sit well. (It is definitely too big for my 21.5″ head.)

I am adding this hat to my Etsy shop. 

You may want to read my recent post on size and fit

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