Chapeau Cloche in Black 

This is a larger size hat for the Civil War Era. 

This hat has a 21.75″ crown and a brim the measures 12.5″ front to back, 12″ side to side. The brim dips down, dome like, shading the eyes just a bit. I’ve included some photos of me wearing it because is wears far better than it photographs. 

Measuring: Measure at your hairline around parallel to the ground. Most of my CW era fashion hats need to be an inch to an inch and a half less that what you measure. The Mousquetaire and this brimless are exceptions. You will want these to fit lower, closer to the number you measure

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  1. Oh! Oh! Found cost definitely want if fits head.

  2. It is over on Etsy now. It looks like you found it.

  3. I like this style too! I am very susceptible to being tempted by unique millinery. Thanks.

  4. I am very interested in this hat. I need to figure out how to measure my head and have you posted a cost yet?

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