A Personal Reflection on 2016

Now that the dishes are washed and the laundry started, my feet are up and I am enjoying some sugar cookies with tea. (Thanks Bailey and Heather. They are just right.) I feel the need to write a personal reflection on 2016. I already shared a Year in Review earlier in December. But, with all the FB posts about how awful 2016 was, I realized on a personal level I feel pretty good about 2016. 

Here is the weird thing: I often forget what I do in a year. That is partly why I did the other post. 

At the beginning of the year, I set myself a couple millinery and millinery financial goals. The first being both personal and artistic. The second being because we have to eat and pay the bills… and I want a house. That first number was 50 millinery pieces; one a week minus two weeks vacation at Christmas. Well, I rocked that number. The second number? I rocked that one too. My hands are tied. So, I think I know my limits. I did want to explore more techniques for straw. I did explore some, and have so much more to explore in 2017. I got to work with original blocks. I rather like that, okay, love that. I will be doing more in 2017. I got to play with more color in natural straw. Another big like that will be continuing in the new year. I rather enjoy offering straw millinery pieces you can’t get anywhere else. 

I began the year with a new publication and ended the year with a new publication. It was nice to see the positive response to Paisley, Plaid, & Purled. This book felt so long in the waiting. I had really wanted to end the year with offering my winter bonnet book, which still needs a proper name. At least I was able to offer a pattern of one of the pieces that will be featured in that book. My New Quilted Hood Pattern has made baby steps into the world. I didn’t do a big release for it because I was so sick at launch time. I need to build a better photo area with a turn table to get the photos done nicely for the coming book. Yes, there will be Lots of photos. 
Most of you say the Sew Alongs from the first half of the year. My real goal there was to see more pieces at GCV’s Agricultural Society Fair. In beknown to me, the organizers of the immersion event also had an idea to add to the entries. I am pleased to say there definitely were more period correct entries. The downside was so many entries did not have categories they fit in. There ended up being a great “display only” table filled with pieces using period techniques and inspired by original directions and entry lists.

 This leads me to my personal challenges of the year. I wanted to explore new to me techniques that a woman in the nineteenth century would have done. I also wanted to challenge myself with something artistic that worked with other techniques. Two of the Sew Along projects were part of the first goal: the pin ball and the purse. The pin ball let me work on a small needlework project. I want to work on a larger project, but it is lower on the list this year. I really like the resukt of the crochet purse. I want to do a jug purse thus year, and maybe another long purse. I need different color silk threads though. It would be neat to trade. My bigger project was my velvet vegetables. I challenged myself to make a basket full of different velvet vegetable pin cushions. I had a lot of fun. Making these. I realize I need a display shelf for projects like these because they are still sitting in a bag as they were from the fair. I have given myself one fiber challenge so far this year. I have another in mind. I just don’t think the time fits. 

 I am going to relax through the new year. This is partly because I feel like it, partly because I haven’t a clue what project(s) I want to start the year with, and mostly because it looks like Christmas elves got in a fight with house elves in the sewing room. Yes, we hid every random thing from the house In the sewing room for family Christmas. Thus…. chaos. It will take a few days to get that sorted back out. I may work on my fiber challenge, which was easy to get back out. After the new year, I may….. make new winter bonnets….. work on this idea that could be really great or blow up in my face….. work on sewing boxes…. or????? 

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