Why do I Love this Winter Hood?

The Saturday before Thanksgiving, I was at the Genesee Country Village and Museum for their Preparing for the Holidays event. As I arrived at the museum in the morning, it was a beautiful sixty degrees. A beautiful and unseasonably warm morning. 

Well, that was not to last. 

As mid day came, so did the wind. The wind blew and the temperature dropped. It felt more like plummeted. 

I needed to walk across the square to the bathroom. The warmth and sunshine were solidly replaced by chilly and grey. Brrrrrrrrr. On the way back, this odd mix of rain and icy sleety stuff not only fell from the sky, it blew around me as I walked back. 

Luckily, I had this hood on. The protection was impressive. The only ice  that hit my face was the ice that bounced up off my chest. While the wind wanted to blow off my shawl, this hood stayed put. The layers of wool and batting were warm, while the silk inside was oh-so-soft. 

I was very pleased. 

I believe you will be too. 

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