Etsy Shop Pin Cushion Sale

Readers,  I put several items in my Etsy shop this week at special reduced prices. We are in one of those financial pickles thanks to a rather large truck repair bill. While we had money saved for vehicle repairs, we didn’t quite have what these repairs are going to cost.

il_570xn-932210436_nlc9In the shop, you will find….

The two pin balls, sold separately, made of wool and ribbon.

il_570xn-932209694_b8xwA few pincushions including the last of the silver ring pincushions I have made and a few of the basket pincushions. Each are petite enough for a traveling sewing basket or sewing at “home” in an  event.

il_570xn-816280479_2eq4I just have two silk workpockets, aka housewifes, left. They are the front two, the pink and the green. Each are completely hand-sewn of high quality silk.

il_570xn-931958481_kgcoI also added several pieces of doll millinery. There are winter bonnets in two sizes, those for dolls with 6″-7″ heads and those for dolls with 8″-9″ heads. There is a straw toque hat as well.


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