Sew Along – Work Bag (week3)

This week we are working on the balloony section of the bag.

For both the cotton and silk versions, cut and piece a 45″ long strip together — 6.5″ wide for the cotton — 4.5″ wide for the silk. This can be on the grain or on the bias. Press the piecing as needed.

Fold  and press 1/4″ to the wrong side along the length of both sides. Mark the center point and the quarter points with a thread or pin on each side.

Now, you get to practice gauging… well, sorta gauging since you really only need one thread. For my bag, I used a smaller stitch length on the front. This will help later when we attach to the paste board.


***Do Not tie the thread to length yet. A knot at the end of the thread will be fine for now.***


Here is one side drawn up to the half way mark:


Here is the front side of the whole length drawn up. (approx 15″)


The reverse:



Silk Work Bag

 The process for the silk is the same as with the cotton. I didn’t take as many photos of the silk. (I got carried away with sewing.)

Before you begin, mark the half and quarter points on both long sides of the silk. (I marked mine with thread.)2015-12-29-19.47.15.jpg.jpeg 2015-12-29-19.48.32.jpg.jpeg 2015-12-29-20.16.03-1.jpg.jpeg

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  1. I’m loving this sew along! Can’t wait for the next step!

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