2016…. A Year to Challenge Myself


A few days ago, I posted the post below without a title. I wrote it with a sense of “what am I thinking?” with a smile.
Tonight as I started shaping the small miser style purse I crocheted for Cali, it finally dawned on me….
2016 is a year when I am challenging myself.
It only took going a few weeks into January for me to realize this.
Can I blame it on the stretch of strep>flu>broncitus?
But, seriously, when I really think about the list I’ve made for myself, secret projects included, I am stretching myself, forcing myself to use skills I haven’t fine-tune, challenging myself to take what I am good at further, wrapping myself in a long to set aside project and turning a concept on end into something I hope will be loads of fun.
In this first month of 2016, I lay ahead a year of challenging myself.

I find myself lacking what to call this post. It most just a document my thoughts and hold myself accountable post.

Today, I realized I may likely have already reached my maximum possible projects for the year. I don’t think I can add too much more.

Here is where I am at:

  • Super secret project 1 – approx 200 hours of hand sewing (let’s call it 100 hours) This has been long procrastinated. I need to do it this year. It uses skills that are not my strongest.
  • Super secret project 2 – approx 100 hours of hand sewing plus material acquisition. (Let’s call it 50 hours) Luckily, this is in smaller components that can be done here and there.
  • The winter millinery book – approx …. I have no idea.
  • I’m planning to do fewer millinery pieces this year than last year. Each one will be more involved though. This year’s goal is really more about the art than the numbers. Still, if I do 30 pieces each taking 10-20 hours of sewing plus an additional 5 to 10 hours of planning, research and materials shopping, that averages out to 750 hours.
  • The four sew alongs (work bag, purse, bag, tbd) plus the local one, comprise sample making, remembering to photograph, writing and posting, with some material tracking down. I’m estimating 50 hours each. (so, 250 hours)
  • The doll projects I want to do take a couple hours each. If I make a dozen doll things, that is about 24 hours.
  • I would really like to make myself something this year. Either a later 20s dress or one of the coats that have been on hold forever or a sacque/petti combination for at the museum. That would be just 10 to 15 hours since I need to draft from scratch.

I guess I need to do some math. Generally, I sew after work from January to mid-June and September through November, and during the week during the summer. That gives 37 weeks of evening sewing and 8 weeks of day sewing. Now, I’ve lost much of January to being sick. But, I do also have February break to sew during. So, that sorta balances out. If I sew an hour or two an evening each day, that means I have 277.5 hours (averaging 1.5 hours.) Add in a summer of 10 hour days (400 hours), that gives 677.5 hours of potential sewing and writing time.


What I have above is already over a thousand hours of sewing……


And, yet….

….. Around the house, we also need a new ironing board cover.

….. I still need to recover those hat boxes.

…. I still nee


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