Sew Along – Work Bag (week2)

This week we are covering the paste board. If you are familiar with Fanciful Utility techniques, these are highly recommended.

Cotton Work Bag

You will be making 3 covered sets of paste board – One front, one back and one flap. The front and back will have the outer fabric on one side and the lining fabric on the other. The flap will have the outer fabric on both sides. 




Silk Work Bag

The silk version has two covered sets of paste board. For both, one side will have the batting covered with the silk and the other with the lining fabric. 

*** You may wish to embellish the front silk piece prior to covering the paste board. This could be with needlework or with painting. 

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  1. Are the fabric pieces glued to the pasteboard?

  2. You could glue the back side edges down. But,I wouldn’t glue the front. It would be visable and may discolor.

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