Housekeeping: A Note on Social Media and Seasonal Work

I want to take a moment to chat about a couple things.

First, social media. I decided a while back to trim my Facebook account. When I first made the FB account, hundreds of people who read my Citizen’s Companion articles “friended” me. While it was nice, the reality is the vast, vast majority of my followers really want to hear about millinery or Fanciful Utility, not my daily whinings or cat posts. I invite you to follow/like my millinery and/or Fanciful Utility pages. They are “Anna’s Millinery by Anna Worden Bauersmith” and “Fanciful Utility by Anna Worden Bauersmith.”

Second, working seasonally. I work on my projects according to the seasons. This is particularly true for millinery. It is rare that I will offer a straw piece in the early winter, just as it will be rare for me to offer a winter hood in the summer. Here is my general seasonal timeline (keep in mind, for most of the year I am working after work.)

  • January – Hand recovery or maybe some Winter millinery
  • February & March – Start spring straw millinery during recess
  • April, May – Spring straw millinery, sewing cases.
  • June – crazy busy at work
  • July, August – Summer straw millinery (possibly may take requests depending on time.)
  • September & October – Winter millinery
  • November – Gifties for the shop
  • December – My time to focus on my gifts.
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