Modern Utility – Fanciful Utility for the Modern World – Part 1

There are a few ways I find Fanciful Utility projects useful in the modern world that I would like to share with you.

Let me start by saying I had this whole plan to do  a bunch of videos talking about how useful FanU projects can be in the modern world. But, it seems my webcam hates me and loves audio feedback. When I do get it all figured out, I’ll do some videos. Until then, photos…

IMG_7789 With school starting back up, this is a good time to IMG_7792show you the roll of pockets I have for my desk. You will notice I used 19th century fabrics. Well, that is what I have a bunch of in my stash. Go figure. When making a FanU project for modern use, you can use just about any fabric, sky’s the limit. (Just keep in mind you want a durable weave.) I would love to make one up with some of the Doctor Who fabrics. I could see one made with spring or fall nature prints looking really cute. There are so many options.  This rolled pocket of pockets is a longer version of the basic rolled/folded work pocket, just without the needle pages.

When you become one of the building ‘go-to’ people for little ‘uh-oh’s, it is good to have a mini-stash. My pocket of pockets for my desk holds those little things you don’t want to dig around in a desk drawer for but often need. Right now, it has nail clippers and nail files (I cut a regular file in half rounding the corners so they would fit nice), a hair tie and pins (I’ll add a bunch of hair ties), and a small thing of lotion (in a Lush sample jar. Reuse.) I’ll be adding a small sewing roll too with basic thread, needles and safety pins as well as some emergency sanitary products.

This style pocket of pockets can also be very useful in the purse. Just think about those times when you’ve had to dig through your purse or bag for your chapstick. Or later, when you are switching bags and find a half dozen buried in the bottom. There are so many options…  when traveling either for you or for a child’s activity roll, the diaper bag or a child’s play bag, for a bridal party’s dressing rooms… the list is endless.

To be continued…. 

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  1. Good idea! I had not thought of modern-day uses!

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