New Marie Stuart Bonnet(s)

It isn’t very often I make Marie Stuart straw forms. But, this week, I made 2. One already had a home before it was started. The other has found it’s way to Etsy. Before I dive into the photos, take a moment to check out my previous post: Marie Stuart Bonnets Part 1 and Marie Stuart Bonnets Part 2.

Here is the pair together. The one on the right hugs the face a little more than the on one the left. (Hopefully, I’ll be able to share more of that one soon.)IMG_6394

Here is the one that is available. It has a higher and wider brim. It will be able to have decoration on the top, in the dip as well as in the sides. The top of the crown, behind the dip is flatter, almost squared to provide a good platform for flowers and ribbon.

IMG_6435 IMG_6434  IMG_6437 IMG_6430IMG_6443 IMG_6447

Please, check out this bonnet on Etsy. (SOLD, Thank you!)

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