New Bonnets Available Today

I listed a couple bonnets today, both for people and for dolls. I also put up the hair combs I am not keeping.

First, is a course straw bonnet. This is different from the usually fashionable straw bonnets I make. It is made from a wider, coarser plait for those doing poorer impressions or several other unique impressions. (Be sure to read “Who Wore Coarse Bonnets”)IMG_6234 IMG_6250

Next, an earlier bonnet for the latter 1840s into the 1850s. This has a circular brim coming forward of the face. I focused the crown’s rise in the back allowing the front of the crown to come straight forward framing the face.


Here are the pair of straw bonnets for smaller dolls, These are made of the same plait I make the human bonnets from.


Here are the hair combs…IMG_6269

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  1. Dear Anna – when you say “smaller” doll, can you tell me what that would fit? I am looking for bonnets to fit Jen Mescher’s Emily and my own Violet (same size as Emily). Best regards, Susan

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  2. These would be better for dolls with heads 6 to 7 inches around. I think Emily is 8 or 9 inches, if I remember right. I will be doing bonnets in larger sizes.

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