Random Thoughts

It is rainy and windy out. So, guess who has a migraine. It is one of those fun ones that are a combination of moderate pain with the occasional feeling of getting wacked with a rolling pin, accompanied by nifty vision issues – blobs, double vision, blurrinness. loads of fun. Weirdly enough, while it hurts to look at the computer screen for more than a couple seconds, it helps relax my brain and focus to close my eyes and type. Okay, so the title said, I have random thoughts.

~~ I just posted about band boxes for millinery last week. I don’t think I talked about an important difference between 19th century and 20th century boxes – Those carrying strings. In the 20th century the cords that hold the lid onto the round box and make a handle coming out of the side for carrying became common place. This was not the case in the 19th century. Mid-ninteenth century bandboxes did not have cords for carrying. Think about it. Do you really want your bonnet flipping to its side inside a box as you carry it sideways? I didn’t think so.


Not These

~~ Also sorta on bandboxes… At this weekend’s seminar someone (I’m sorry I don’t recall her name) showed how she made the cutest little bandboxes by hand. She had a couple sizes that caused me to mention how they would make great sewing pincushions. Here are a couple visuals of what I was talking about:

See? Ridiculously cute and useful. (The auction sites for the last two are down. If these are your pieces and would like them removed, please let me know.)

~~ Peddler’s Market. This weekend is the Peddler’s Market in Caledonia. Locals, if you haven’t been you should go. I’ve found several surprise finds there for nice prices in the past. For me, this is sorta the unofficial opening to the antiqueing season in our area. The rural antique shops without heat are just getting warm enough to walk through. This also means yard sales and  estate sales. Usually, I have a wish list of what I would like to find. This year, the list is rather short. I need another advertising, shipping box in the same size as the one I have to alleviate the book shelf problem. I figure such a box will be nice for shelving thin periodicals. We are in need of a new bookshelf, a rotating one or one that is more efficient behind the entertainment center. Of course, I always look for shawls, ribbons, sewing cases and now, additions to my shopping/collection problem.

~~ I feel like I aught to have a nice, sound list of events together for the year. I don’t. I think this is because the summer is still up in the air budget wise since I don’t know about summer school and there appears to be an ‘end of the 150th cycle mass exodus resale; happening. Both of these have good and bad factors beyond the budget aspects. But, back to events. Currently, I’ll will be attending….

  • GCV opening weekend in May
  • Sometime will be a sewing day on the porch.
  • June??? I would like to pull off a Regency dress to visit for the 1812 event. That falls between two weddings in the midst of finals. So, we shall see.
  • I would really like to do Independence Day at the Museum this year.
  • July is our Canandaigua Lady Excursion.
  • July is also the GCV “Mumford” event.
  • Might do a workshop in July too.
  • August is Tinker (need to see if this lands on Lily’s birthday again.) It is a whee local event.
  • It looks like August would be a good time for a workshop or a picnic or something.
  • September – Oh, how I would love to go to Zoar
  • October – Ag Fair….. I have a special idea….

~~ “Huzza<>Horra” = Headache: Noah Webster’s 1830 American Dictionary of the English Language:


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