Ag. Fair 2014, pt 1

That is me as I sit here bundled up, trying to warm up and sharing the entries from this year’s.
This as a light entry year for myself, and it appeared in general. One of my goals is to get someone new to enter each year. This year, my friend Sheryl entered some tasty goodies. She won a blue and a red ribbon. Yeah, Sheryl!
My first entry is an embroidered pocket. I realized Lily & I both need new pockets. Her’s needs to be bigger. I need to not ruin the one made for me. So, embroidered pockets. (Her’s is in the other post.) The needlework categories are all 21st century. I still stuck to pulling the design from an original.



For the sewing non-corded garment category, I entered my sheer soft crown straw bonnet with the scallop edge. I would have actually given the blue ribbon to Melanie’s beautifully done, hand-sewn Regency dress.



This photo didn’t come out well. This is a work pocket based on an original in the Winterthur Museum. When I first saw it, I thought it would be silk. But, it was a cotton print. The front center lifts up to show needle pages. The fullness is gauged onto covered pasteboard. (I’ll likely do a post just on this piece. Hopefully soon.)


Remember how I said one goal of mine is to find new entrants? The other is to enter a new category. This was quite the new category for me – A wood project. I made a ribbon spool holder. This will help me display my faux ribbon rolls when doing demonstrations. The faux rolls look like full spools of ribbon, but are just a few inches. I had no idea how bad my arm was going to hurt after several hours of sanding by hand without a sanding block. I was so unsure of how it looked, I almost chickened out of entering it. I was floored to find out I got a ribbon. Granted, I was the only one who entered.


Then there is the problem child…. shrub. Last place again. This was the shrub I made at the begining of the summer, a Cherry & Mint. It was very tasty & refreshing at the summer events. Ya, well….. I was able to taste the winning Black Raspberry Shrub. A-Mazing! It was so good. I could smell the vinegar but could not taste it. When I got home, I popped the cork off mine. Um, ugh, ack!!! The vinegar took over. It was knock you on the floor strong. I am so embarrassed I didn’t double check it. It was awful. Lesson learned.


There was one more, last minute entry. I had not planned to enter my Worden Grape Jam. But, when I mentioned (okay, ecstatically exclaimed) I tried my hand at jam, Marie said to bring it in. There were so many jam/preserve entries, I didn’t expect to place. But, now I can say I entered.


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  1. Congrats on your blue ribbons! Entering my sewing/craft stuff into a local fair has been on my to-do list for a while now.

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