Requiems and Reenactments

I think this is my first time using the “Reblog” feature. I was so taken by this article over on Kitty Calash’s blog, I had to recommend it to each of my readers. She touches on many of the points I have also given a great deal of thought about or struggled with. Ever since I found myself curled up under a shrub behind Foster trying to collect myself from an emotional outbreak during the ‘battle’ I have avoided ‘watching’ reenactment battles.

Kitty Calash

Warning: Long reenactor-heavy content ahead.

My friend wrote on Tuesday about battle reenactments, and whether or not they’re appropriate or even, well, decent, in a way; she has been thinking about the Battle Road event, Patriots Day, and the Battle at Lexington Green in light of the explosions at the Boston Marathon.

She helped me remember the reading and thinking I had done this past fall when people at work asked if reenactments (and even museum exhibitions) glorified war, and when I started to wonder why, exactly, I was in this hobby. I read Vanessa Agnew on “History’s Affective Turn: Historical Reenactment and its Work in the Present” in Rethinking History 11:3, 299-312 (2007) and “Mobile Monuments: A view of historical reenactment from inside the costume cupboard of history” by Stephen Gapps, also in Rethinking History 13:3, 395-409 (2009). I’m still working my way through “Mimic Toil: Eighteenth-Century Preconditions for…

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