What did They do with Broken Fans?

This question has been stuck in my head for a few days now, ever since seeing a formerly lovely fan broken past its time.

Of course curiosity has the better of me. I want to know if the fans were disposed of, if they were repaired/mended or remade.  Browsing through Google Books on a search for references to broken or damaged fans I have found a few interesting things, none of which actually answer my question. A broken fan seems to show up in fictional literature as an object among other objects of disarray. It also seems to show up at times of upset. The broken fans are seen on tables and mantles.

Having found little to satisfy my curiosity about damaged fans, I turned to searching phrases involving repairing fans. Apparently, this is not the correct terms. The same goes for remake as well as make and decorate. Either I am using the wrong words or the concept isn’t written in published books.

I think I am going to just have to pay attention to fans to see if they have mid-century repairs. Granted at this point, I have no idea what a mid-century repair would look like.

Just what I need… a distraction when I said I would focus on a certain group of other things.

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  1. I would assume – given the large amount of broken fans on Ebay – that they just looked at them in dismay and said “Shucky Darn!” and then tucked them away as a memento of better times. :-)))

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